Retort Pouch Featuring Linear Tear Technology


Cincinnati, OH (October 22, 2010) — Ampac, a global leader in the retail, food, security and medical packaging markets, announces the availability of retort pouch with linear tear technology. Ampac is a total solutions provider, bringing innovation to flexible, retail and security packaging, with a proven ability to build business for our customers.

Produced as a more sustainable alternative for traditional can or jar packaging, retort pouches are a shelf stable flexible package made of multi-layered flexible laminates. The Ampac retort packaging incorporates numerous features and applications including reclosability, custom shapes, and microwaveability with linear tear technology. Linear tear offers an easy-opening straight tearing of the pouch every time. Linear tear is designed into the material substrate and eliminates the need for laser or mechanical scoring, with no partial or off-center tearing. For the consumer, linear tear offers an improved product experience with first-time easy opening without tearing into the zipper or product. It can also be incorporated into a custom dispensing shape at the top of the pouch, and can be used for all food types.

With shaped and spouted options, retort pouches offer a flat surface for printed graphics, weigh less, and eliminate product damage and breakage when compared to metal can or glass jar packaging. They take up less space on grocery shelves, need no refrigeration and can be microwaveable. Retort pouches are produced to stringent quality standards and are rotogravure-printed to produce a high-quality package design.

Ampac retort pouches with linear tear provide a more practical alternative to glass jars because they offer a more sustainable package and higher packaging efficiencies – delivering less excess packaging to the consumer regardless of material recyclability. Environmental features of a retort pouch with linear tear include reduction of overall energy consumption, less raw material waste, providing cost effective distribution and decrease in environmental pollution. Retort pouches also offer a benefit in food quality as less time and temperature is required for sterilization compared to a can or glass jar.


Ampac treibt die Neugestaltung und Leistungsfähigkeit von Verpackungen voran, indem wir Verpackungen entwickeln, die innovativer, fortschrittlicher und dynamischersind als die von konkurrierenden Marken. Ampacs umfassender Verpackungsansatz ist eine ausgewogene Kombination aus konsequentem, technikorientiertem Denken und außergewöhnlicher Kreativität. Ampac ist ein breit gestreuter, weltweit tätiger Verpackungskonzern mit 14 Herstellungszentren in Nordamerika, Europa und Asien. Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf dem Internetauftritt von Ampac unter:

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