Ampac Teams with HFM for Peel and Reseal Pouch Innovation


Cincinnati, OH (August 24, 2011)—Ampac, a global leader in the retail, food, pet food, and medical packaging markets, introduces peel and reseal technology available with Ampac’s Flexi and Flexi-Free™ films and pre-applied HFM Packaging die cut labels.

Ampac has partnered with HFM Packaging to create the innovative Peel and Reseal Pouch. The Flexi and Flexi-Free films are converted by HFM into both pre-labeled rollstock and pouches used most often for packaging wet wipes or moist towelettes. Other typical applications include facial, bath or animal wipes, industrial cleaning wipes and sanitizing wipes. A range of films are available for packaging normal (aqueous) to “hard to hold” products containing fragrances, alcohols or germ killing disinfectants.

Peel and reseal pouches can gain maximum shelf impact with excellent reverse printed graphics and a range of laminate options. Flexible peel and reseal labels, as well as proprietary rigid labels, can also be printed and adhered by HFM to Ampac’s Flexi and Flexi-Free films.

An unlimited variety of labels sizes and shapes are offered with the peel and reseal pouch. Along with excellent graphic design possibilities and 10 color printing, the peel and reseal pouch makes a strong impact with consumers. Easy open access and closure is available for consumer convenience. Tamper evident features and clear or white opaque labels are also available in flexible or rigid styles.

Ampac’s Cary, Illinois President, Bob Biddle, said, “Ampac’s partnership with HFM Packaging is a win-win for all. Ampac’s Flexi and Flexi-Free films allow for excellent barrier qualities with eye catching print quality paired with unlimited labeling possibilities.”


Ampac treibt die Neugestaltung und Leistungsfähigkeit von Verpackungen voran, indem wir Verpackungen entwickeln, die innovativer, fortschrittlicher und dynamischersind als die von konkurrierenden Marken. Ampacs umfassender Verpackungsansatz ist eine ausgewogene Kombination aus konsequentem, technikorientiertem Denken und außergewöhnlicher Kreativität. Ampac ist ein breit gestreuter, weltweit tätiger Verpackungskonzern mit 14 Herstellungszentren in Nordamerika, Europa und Asien. Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf dem Internetauftritt von Ampac unter:

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