Ampac Offers New Apex Barrier Tube Film



(Cincinnati, OH) - Ampac Flexibles, the flexible packaging division of Ampac Packaging LLC, announces the availability of Apex 7862 Barrier Tube Film. Apex 7862 Barrier Tube is a new film product that can be formed into an easy-to-seal, easy-to-open, single or sample-use tube package for a wide variety of healthcare, personal product and consumer applications. 
Developed initially for single-use personal care product applications, the Apex Barrier Tube film, signified by BT after the product name, can be utilized by packagers for a wide variety of sample tube and single-use tube applications that require superior barrier properties for oxygen. Ampac Flexibles’ Apex BT film is a 7- or 9-layer coextruded film produced at the company’s Performance Films business in Cincinnati, OH. This new film brings to the market an excellent solution for unit-of-dose manufacturers who need a durable, heat-sealable, barrier film for a wide assortment of applications. 
Ampac Flexibles’ Apex BT film features a custom-blended 7- or 9-layer coextruded structure that provides excellent oxygen transmission rates (OTR) and can be surface treated for printing or lamination. The sealant technology does not require radio frequency (RF) sealing, but has been designed with a broad seal range providing exceptional seal strength and durability for tube applications. Overall, the structure is a lower cost, high-quality, easy-to-manage film that allows manufacturers to create a wide range of tube sizes and shapes.
“The Performance Films team is enthusiastic about the new Barrier Tube film structure and the success that our customers have had in integrating the film into their production lines,” says Dave Bartish, Director of Sales, Ampac Flexibles Performance Films. “This product also provides a solution to our customers that is more affordable than similarly-performing structures.”
“Ampac is excited about the application opportunities we envision for this new Barrier Tube structure.” says Sal Pellingra, Innovation and Marketing Director. “Our expertise in developing custom multilayer coextruded films continues to provide solutions for difficult applications and growth in new markets.”

Ampac treibt die Neugestaltung und Leistungsfähigkeit von Verpackungen voran, indem wir Verpackungen entwickeln, die innovativer, fortschrittlicher und dynamischersind als die von konkurrierenden Marken. Ampacs umfassender Verpackungsansatz ist eine ausgewogene Kombination aus konsequentem, technikorientiertem Denken und außergewöhnlicher Kreativität. Ampac ist ein breit gestreuter, weltweit tätiger Verpackungskonzern mit 14 Herstellungszentren in Nordamerika, Europa und Asien. Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf dem Internetauftritt von Ampac unter:

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