Ampac Launches FlexiBOWL™ Pouch


(Cincinnati, OH) - Ampac Flexibles, the flexible packaging division of Ampac Packaging LLC, is pleased to announce the launch of the innovative FlexiBOWL™ stand up pouch. FlexiBOWL features Linear Tear film technology and specially designed “cool grips” that make the pouch perfect for the “ready-to-eat” food industry.

The FlexiBOWL pouch is designed for foods that can be heated in and eaten from the package, however, the pouch works equally as well for dry and wet foods like cereal, yogurt and snacks. The tear area of the pouch is placed lower on the package than is typical with food pouches. And with Ampac Flexibles’ unique Linear Tear Film technology, the end-user is ensured a clean, even tear across the pouch with no risk of a ragged or uneven tear into the product. The pouch has a uniquely designed seal that creates a “cool grip” area for the end-user to grasp while opening the pouch in this lower tear location. Once opened, the end user can eat directly from the pouch with no other bowl or plate required.

FlexiBOWL is a perfect flexible packaging solution for brand owners in the retort, quick meals and “ready-to-eat” food categories. The flexible package format is perfect for rice dishes, soups, stews, cereals and snack foods. FlexiBOWL is also a more sustainable option versus cans, boxes or plastic bowls. Depending upon the application, flexible packaging can weigh up to 95% less than rigid containers and take up less than 10% of the space typically used by rigid containers.

Ampac Flexibles can produce the FlexiBOWL pouch in a wide range of custom materials, shapes and sizes. Clear, foil or opaque structures are available for retort, microwave, boil, dry mix and wet food applications. FlexiBOWL pouches also feature high-quality rotogravure or flexographic printing in up to 10 colors that can enhance and support consumer product branding. The pouches can be filled and sealed on existing packaging equipment, making a change to FlexiBOWL for existing “ready-to-eat” foods an excellent option for brand owners moving into flexible packaging or seeking sustainable packaging options for their products.

“FlexiBOWL is another example of Ampac’s leadership in flexible packaging innovation. It incorporates our linear tear technology with retort, microwaveable and dry mix pouch technology to create a package that can be eaten directly out of for a variety of foods. No mess and no bowl required. This is a great extension of our product line and provides consumers with a more functional package that can be tossed into a lunch bag, microwaved and eaten out of with a minimum amount of packaging.” says Craig Rutman, Director of Sales, Global Pouching.

Sal Pellingra, Ampac Flexibles’ Marketing and Innovation Director adds, “FlexiBOWL continues to build on Ampac’s more sustainable flexible packaging innovations that utilize much less material than typical rigid packaging improving the product to package ratio and eliminating over packaging and waste.”

FlexiBOWL is produced exclusively by Ampac Flexibles’ Global Pouching business locations in St. Louis Park, MN, Elk Grove Village, IL, and Eberdingen, Germany. The Ampac Flexibles Performance Pouch division is a world leader in the preformed retort pouches, standup and fitmented pouches for the food, beverage, lawn & garden, health & beauty and pet food markets.


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