Ampac Expands Pouch Production Capability


(Cincinnati, OH) - Ampac Flexibles, the flexible packaging division of Ampac Packaging LLC, announces the installation of a new Totani pouching machine in its Elk Grove Village, Illinois, facility.

Installation of the new Totani Model BH-80HVLLLS-M has given Ampac’s Elk Grove Village plant the ability to significantly increase the output of flexible pouches, including standard 3-side seal, stand-up, and retort pouches. The new high-speed Totani operates at up to 240 cycles per minute, with laminate roll changes on the fly. The cutting unit cuts pouches cleanly and precisely at very high speeds. It includes Totani’s "Heat Pipe" technology that provides high quality sealing, a stable cooling mechanism, and automatic adjustment functions "Photo Mark Sensor" and "Print Smooth" to guarantee stable dimension accuracy.

The features of the new Totani address the increasing needs for flexibility in today’s marketplace. “We are excited to have a machine with twice the output of other comparable machines, especially with increased efficiency that doesn’t compromise seal quality”, says Marc Rapp, President of Ampac’s Global Pouching group. “The Totani upgraded the pouching capabilities at the Elk Grove Village facility and we’re pleased with the new technology, advanced features, and the exceptional seal quality at high output speeds.”

“The Totani allows us to offer a broad range of pouch styles, and the higher efficiencies, especially on roll changes and changeovers are in keeping with Ampac’s commitment to quality, reduced waste and the environment,” notes Sal Pellingra, Innovation and Marketing Director of Ampac Flexibles.


Ampac treibt die Neugestaltung und Leistungsfähigkeit von Verpackungen voran, indem wir Verpackungen entwickeln, die innovativer, fortschrittlicher und dynamischersind als die von konkurrierenden Marken. Ampacs umfassender Verpackungsansatz ist eine ausgewogene Kombination aus konsequentem, technikorientiertem Denken und außergewöhnlicher Kreativität. Ampac ist ein breit gestreuter, weltweit tätiger Verpackungskonzern mit 14 Herstellungszentren in Nordamerika, Europa und Asien. Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf dem Internetauftritt von Ampac unter:

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